Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Project Canada: The Vision Behind the Van


Green Apple of My Eye!

95 Dodge Ram Van for sale with Conversion and Tow Pkg - $6900 (Denver)

Model 2500 5.2 Magnum V8 4 spd auto 35 gal xtra tint with shades and curtain bed TV VCR 102k very clean Original Owner asking $6,900 Call Scott

Hip Hip Hooray!

It took exactly one month to find the right buyer for the Green Machine.

I listed the Van on Craigslist and on the Denver Back Page.

Mike Reining from Blinklist told me he sold all his stuff on Craiglist using skype.

Thanks for the tip Mike!

Johnathan McFarlane - Executive Producer from Project Canada is the proud new owner. Happy Trails Johnathan and Gods Speed!

Check out Project Canada to watch the adventures of the Green Machine making a video documentary in Canada!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

New Computer Virus Identified - Tammy related?

This computer virus has been identified and labeled the User virus.

There is no cure only a filter!

Every computer with any OS is potentially vulnerable.

Here are the top ten things known about the User virus:

10. The User virus resides somewhere between the keyboard and the chair.

9. The User virus replicates at an alarming rate.

8. The User virus mutates so every strain has a different fingerprint.

7. The User virus sometimes disables virus protection and firewalls.

6. The User virus ignores critical updates.

5. The User virus opens almost all email attachments.

4. The User virus sometimes shares the contents of the entire hard drive.

3. The User virus deletes critically needed files randomly.

2. The User virus lets other viruses use the computer.

1. Almost every computer in circulation has the User virus!

PS: The User virus also searches over and over again for Tammy ?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Technorati taken over by Tammy NYP

Technorati is a search engine for blogs.

But recently the Technorati Top 15 searches have been mostly all about Tammy.

1. Tammy
2. "NYP Tammy"
3. "Tammy Download"
4. What does Ted Koppel have to do with Tammy?
5. NYP
6. YouTube - They say Tammy is a favorite on YouTube
7. Singapore - Tammy is from Singapore
8. "War of the Worlds" Tammy is about love not War
9. "American Idol" Vote for Tammy
10. Iraq hmm, has Tammy fled to Iraq
11. "Will fight for O" It's all about Tammy not the O
12. Tammynyp
13. "Taylor Hicks" Does she know Tammy?
14. "Macbook Pro" Does Tammy use a Mac
15. Port- no coComment

Read more about Tammy here at feedscott view tank

Monday, February 20, 2006

feedscott social digital life - I need myspace

Today, feedscott examines the ways we are connecting socially online. Social online communities have been the norm since the early days of the web as a Bulletin Board System (BBS), where linked minded people posted on like minded topics. Today this online interaction is far more complex. There are hundreds of social software options and communities. Websites are slowly catching on, if they want to be sticky they have to be a social meeting and exchange destination. The typical text forum will no longer cut the mustard. Content such as Personal Pictures, Videos, Music, and contact info are being shared. Some of this content is copyrighted by a third party and used illegally, promoting the online attitude of anything goes, as referenced in this news article about youtube and NBC. Comments have evolved into rankings leading to a popularity contest mentality. Visit the Corante Many 2 Many blog to gain insight into the social digital life culture. Also, check out the dana boyd paper "Identity Production in a Networked Culture" for insights into the myspace.com generation.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

feedscott 506 Rocketboom & brrreeeport Jams

Press play on new screen
Rocketboom Music Video Hardrive Jam

brrreeeport song not bad

What do you meme?

Check out future lines for fun?

Tower of nativetext

Almost forgot: Have a Breememe Day!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

feedscott 496 future lines is launched!

Today a blog commited to promoting comedians and blogs was launched.

Here is how it works:

future lines will contain comic one liners about something someone will say in the future.

If you are interested in submitting a future one liner email scott [at] feedscott.com or leave the one liner in a comment on futures lines.

There will be no limit to how many submissions or posts.

There will also be a permanent link set back to your website or blog under most circumstances, so start brain storming!

If you submit someone else's one liner please give them due credit with a link to them as well if possible.

You do not have to be a professional comic just make me laugh or smile, and your posted and linked!

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Here are some examples of future one liners:

"Can you email me some email stamps?" feedscott

"Honey there's nuclear waste leaking from the toilet again" feedscott

"We will not negotiate with aliens!" feedscott

The first comedian to submit was Tony Calabrese and his web site fuggettaboutit!!! has been linked to future lines visit Tonys future one liner here and submit your own!

Come up with a future one liner and get your blog or website linked!

Friday, February 17, 2006

feedscott 486 brrreeeport upstaged by krugle

Ironic that a non exsistant search engine krugle moved ahead of a non exsistant word brrreeeport in the Technorati search rankings to the #1 spot. Tenative launch date for krugle is March 8th 2006.

Can you email me some email stamps?

Sorry, I missed the thursday thirteen.

If you link to me, I will call the internet police.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

feedscott 476 The Brrreeeport Conspiracy

Major search engines are being proved unreliable or is there more to the story? Find out more by clicking the brrreeeport conspiracy.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

feedscott 438 brrreeeport Scoble Microsoft Blogger

Well, another Valentines Day is in the can and a little word called brrreeeport enjoyed its first day of life with some attention. At 5:22pm on February 13th 2006 Robert Scoble aka (the Microsoft Blogger, Scobleizer, or Scob) had this to say on his blog:

"Here, let’s play a game. Everyone in the world say “brrreeeport” on your blog and you’ll be listed on this Technorati page automatically. Heh. There are also no pages on the Internet linked to for that term on Google, Yahoo, or MSN.

So, now you too can take down the man! Get your due! Get around the gatekeepers. Tell all those A list bloggers to screw off and die! Heheh. Or, you can let me own that term all by myself! Heheh.

Filed under: Blog Stuff, BlogCode, brrreeeport @ 5:22 pm "

The word brrreeeport, slowly began to propogate through blogs around the world. The word is catchy and interesting to look at. The feedscott view tank blog caught wind of the mission at 9:00 am on the 14th and proceeded to set brrreeeport free into the blogging wild. Brrreeeport had appeared on the Techorati most searched for term list along with Cheney, Mohammed Cartoon, Dick Cheney, and Valentine. There were about 90 blog posts with the word brrreeeport. At that time brrreeeport had become more searched than the Mohammed Cartoon so the feedscott view tank post was entitled "brrreeeport beats out the Mohammed Cartoon".

At 11:29am Scoble posted this subject Tips for joining the A list where Scoble gave mention to the feedscott view tank blog title "brrreeeport beats out the Mohammed Cartoon" saying

"Now, look at the 98 brrreeeport results on Technorati. All are on the same topic, right? But some headlines stand out from the noise. Which ones grab your eye? The one that says simply “brrreeeport report?” Or the one that says “brrreeeport beats Mohammad cartoon?” Conflict is a story telling device. Use it in headlines!"

Thanks for the mention and plug Robert!

As the day went on brrreeeport continued to gain blog share and at this time is the #1 most searched word on Technorati, has 227 posts reported, and is in the top five tags being used. To give you an idea of scope Technorati is tracking about 27.9 million blogs and growing every day. So the % of posts is relatively small, but the interest and curiosity is amazing.

The brrreeeport now has t-shirts available online, and some entreprener has registered the brrreeeport domain name. Good luck!

feedscott will keep an eye on brrreeeport.

On a side note Robert Scoble will be in my home state of Colorado for the:

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 (6:30 PM - 10:00 PM)

I might see you up in Keystone Robert!

Monday, February 13, 2006

feedscott 437 Alexadex free money invest fun

Alexadex is a free market for website traffic. I invested $10,000 in about a dozen websites. All in fun not real money. Sell when when traffic is high buy when traffic is low, that's the ticket. Just click Alexadex to get your free $10,000 investment bucks! Have fun investing.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

feedscott 437 Rocketboom BuzzMachine ebay

Rocketboom the tounge in cheek video cast or vlog with Amanda Congdon got the 40k that is $40,000 big ones for one weeks worth of advertising. Rocketboom turned to ebay to auction off the advertising. Read the full story from the BuzzMachine. The brilliant company who purchased the first week ads will be annouced on Monday. Amanda says "more mainstream companies are interested and following suit."

Congrats Rocketboom, Amanda and Andrew!

feedscott 436 Google Technorati Krugle Search

Google is definitely the King of all searches see Nielsen//Netratings , but selective search engines are establishing niches. The search engine market is dividing and becoming more specialized or categorized. Google now lets users personalize their google homepage by providing a search mechanism for rss and atom feeds with an included reader. Technorati now tracks more than 27.7 million blogs and provides multiple options for searching those blogs. Now Krugle is launching a code search engine that will help developers compare and share code. This will greatly increase and pinpoint the select pool of coding examples available. There are literally hundreds of search engines online now from localized to globalized. A great resource is this Search Engine Watch links page. This page has a category called Specialty Search Engines. That category is broken down into Medical, Science, Travel, Shopping, Legal, and others. As great as Google is, don’t limit yourself. Happy Searching!

Friday, February 10, 2006

feedscott 417 Blogs target of US "Cyber Storm"

In an article from The Economic Times the writer states:

" WASHINGTON: The US government has concluded its "Cyber Storm" wargame, its biggest-ever exercise to test how it would respond to devastating attacks over the Internet from anti-globalization activists, underground hackers and bloggers.


Participants confirmed parts of the worldwide simulation challenged government officials and industry executives to respond to deliberate misinformation campaigns and activist calls by Internet bloggers, online diarists whose "Web logs" include political rantings and musings about current events."

I guess the morale to the story is big brother is watching, listening, and preparing to put the smackdown on bloggers.
" Bloggers?" I feel safer already!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

feedscott 416 krugle google code open source

Ladies and Gentleman start your search engines!

Krugle is launching soon and the buz is overwhelming! Krugle is a search engine for code. Code is the software on your computer. I can remember frantically searching google in college for a function to help get my software program working. Google was not really code friendy. Ken Krugler, CTO and Co-founder of Krugle has a plan to change that with Krugle. Ken has worked on projects for ibm, apple and palm. This is going to be a big party if all goes well and should speed up the developement life cycle.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

feedscott 406 Mashable TechCrunch del.icio.us

There are two blogs I’m feeding now that both watch the Web 2.0 revolution. The first one is Mashable by Pete Cashmore. The second is TechCrunch by Michael Arrington.
Both there blogs seem to compliment each other and be on the bleeding edge of the Web 2.0 bubble.

Also, check out this little page with the most popular del.icio.us links.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

feedscott 396 Cyber Consciousness

Never before have we had the opportunity to connect like we do now. Not just by means of cell phones, TV, and the internet. This connection relates more to the interconnection of people through different channels, mediums, services, forums, and social interaction in cyber space. We are linking, feeding, streaming, commenting, blogging, reading, listening, and watching real-time news, events, public opinions, and relevance form simultaneously and sequentially. Everyone has their own ideas, opinions, thoughts, and preferences. These intangible agencies are being combined into one Collective Consciousness in Cyber Space. With social bookmaking, tagging, and ranking one can see the importance or relevance to the Collective Consciousness. Some interpretations, outcomes or results may be a bit skewed and off the mark, but this is the nature of imperfection an attribute we all share. This author will not suggest that the Collective Consciousness is a form of life, but in that sense it is a combined cyber extension of our biological brainwaves. See the Wiki for an example of the Collective Consciousness and definitions of words in this weblog.

Friday, February 03, 2006

feedscott 3406 PC Club store closings follow up

PC Club store closings follow up to this blog.

After a visit to a PC Club today in Colorado, this author learned that customers only have a few days to pick up computers that are in for service before those computers are shipped to California. “Computers may have had service performed or may not when those computers are eventually returned to customers” a PCClub representative stated. Also, customers who have product ready for pick up in the store may do so, but no further sales are taking place.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

feedscott 3306 PC Club Computers closes 15 stores

PC Club computers based in California closed about 15 retail locations across the US today. Employees arrived at work to find the doors padlocked and a sign stating the closure. No prior warning was given to employees or customers.

All three stores in Colorado were closed including some in Arizona, New Mexico, and most if not all of the East Coast stores. Employees are not only concerned for their future, but also about the customers who have computers in for service, or have computers and parts on order or in the stores. The PC Club website gives no explanation about the closures under the News section currently. But, the store locations that were closed have been eliminated from the website listings. Instead of 60 stores the website now lists 43. Visit here again for future updates on these closures.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

feedscott 3206 blinklist digg google fireant meebo

Web 2.0 is here, like the buzzword or not. Web 2.0 is a platform or architecture that ushers in a new way that users can interact with websites and web applications. Browsing has been replaced with interaction where users can customize, personalize, and signify the way they view and interface with their computer appliances and applications. Organization and hierarchy of information is now critical to label and file the vast amounts of data and information available. Tags are now playing a major role in categorizing websites, blogs, podcasts, vodcasts, and the associated RSS and other feeds.

One new site called Blinklist.com is taking tags or tagging to a new level. Blinklist which was launched July 2005 offers users the ability to save and tag bookmarks, links, and favorites lists online, accessible from any web enabled browser. The benefits to this are numerous. First, if you are not at your computer and you need to pull up a number of your bookmarks this is now possible. You can also save a bookmark at work and access it from home or wherever. Backing up your links online is also a great idea if your computer happens to crash. There are many other social bookmarking or tagging solutions, but Blinklist offers a more aesthetic and user friendly interface similar to the popular digg.com. Blinklist also offers the option to import links from de.licio.us, furl, and browsers. The Blinklist mother company MindValley founded in October 2003 is expanding into other areas of opportunity including feed tags and ecommerce.

At a recently attended conference hosted by Qwest , voice mail was being imported into Outlook. Currently, many people access voice mail on a phone, browse the web on firefox, get news feeds on Google and Wizz RSS, email from Google and Outlook, and feed podcasts and vodcasts on FireAnt. Consolidation of tasks is now beginning to be trendy as users look for more comprehensive ways to communicate and assimilate information.

Google Labs recently launched a chat aggregator called Google Talk or there is meebo in alpha for chat aggregation. Feeds from reddit, digg.com, slashdot, de.licio.us are being mashed up to form one feed called reddiggdot.us.

As we move toward the next generation of web applications and their integration, technology "goliath" companies like Google and Microsoft will certainly be major players. But, this is forcing smaller “david” companies like MindValley and FireAnt to have further vision, more innovation, better products, and be faster to market to compete with the “microsoft” and “google” “goliaths”.