Tuesday, February 07, 2006

feedscott 396 Cyber Consciousness

Never before have we had the opportunity to connect like we do now. Not just by means of cell phones, TV, and the internet. This connection relates more to the interconnection of people through different channels, mediums, services, forums, and social interaction in cyber space. We are linking, feeding, streaming, commenting, blogging, reading, listening, and watching real-time news, events, public opinions, and relevance form simultaneously and sequentially. Everyone has their own ideas, opinions, thoughts, and preferences. These intangible agencies are being combined into one Collective Consciousness in Cyber Space. With social bookmaking, tagging, and ranking one can see the importance or relevance to the Collective Consciousness. Some interpretations, outcomes or results may be a bit skewed and off the mark, but this is the nature of imperfection an attribute we all share. This author will not suggest that the Collective Consciousness is a form of life, but in that sense it is a combined cyber extension of our biological brainwaves. See the Wiki for an example of the Collective Consciousness and definitions of words in this weblog.


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