Friday, February 03, 2006

feedscott 3406 PC Club store closings follow up

PC Club store closings follow up to this blog.

After a visit to a PC Club today in Colorado, this author learned that customers only have a few days to pick up computers that are in for service before those computers are shipped to California. “Computers may have had service performed or may not when those computers are eventually returned to customers” a PCClub representative stated. Also, customers who have product ready for pick up in the store may do so, but no further sales are taking place.


At Fri Feb 10, 11:43:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a former employee something smelt Fishy real Fishy so after some digging and help from some friends we discovered that there is a law called W.A.R.N. that states when a company does a mass lay off they have to give there employees a 60 day notice which was not done even if they have a fire at will contract. If you would like more info please got to there is a forum post there that gives you more information and a link to the W.A.R.N. site. I will also be posting what my lawyer tells me. *************If all the employees that where released have a case.*************


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