Sunday, February 12, 2006

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Google is definitely the King of all searches see Nielsen//Netratings , but selective search engines are establishing niches. The search engine market is dividing and becoming more specialized or categorized. Google now lets users personalize their google homepage by providing a search mechanism for rss and atom feeds with an included reader. Technorati now tracks more than 27.7 million blogs and provides multiple options for searching those blogs. Now Krugle is launching a code search engine that will help developers compare and share code. This will greatly increase and pinpoint the select pool of coding examples available. There are literally hundreds of search engines online now from localized to globalized. A great resource is this Search Engine Watch links page. This page has a category called Specialty Search Engines. That category is broken down into Medical, Science, Travel, Shopping, Legal, and others. As great as Google is, don’t limit yourself. Happy Searching!


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