Saturday, February 25, 2006

New Computer Virus Identified - Tammy related?

This computer virus has been identified and labeled the User virus.

There is no cure only a filter!

Every computer with any OS is potentially vulnerable.

Here are the top ten things known about the User virus:

10. The User virus resides somewhere between the keyboard and the chair.

9. The User virus replicates at an alarming rate.

8. The User virus mutates so every strain has a different fingerprint.

7. The User virus sometimes disables virus protection and firewalls.

6. The User virus ignores critical updates.

5. The User virus opens almost all email attachments.

4. The User virus sometimes shares the contents of the entire hard drive.

3. The User virus deletes critically needed files randomly.

2. The User virus lets other viruses use the computer.

1. Almost every computer in circulation has the User virus!

PS: The User virus also searches over and over again for Tammy ?


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