Monday, February 20, 2006

feedscott social digital life - I need myspace

Today, feedscott examines the ways we are connecting socially online. Social online communities have been the norm since the early days of the web as a Bulletin Board System (BBS), where linked minded people posted on like minded topics. Today this online interaction is far more complex. There are hundreds of social software options and communities. Websites are slowly catching on, if they want to be sticky they have to be a social meeting and exchange destination. The typical text forum will no longer cut the mustard. Content such as Personal Pictures, Videos, Music, and contact info are being shared. Some of this content is copyrighted by a third party and used illegally, promoting the online attitude of anything goes, as referenced in this news article about youtube and NBC. Comments have evolved into rankings leading to a popularity contest mentality. Visit the Corante Many 2 Many blog to gain insight into the social digital life culture. Also, check out the dana boyd paper "Identity Production in a Networked Culture" for insights into the generation.


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