Sunday, January 29, 2006

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Tech Story of the Day: tech and politics
Tech Humor of the Day:
Scientists to hunt "bigfoot" in rainforest
Website of the Day:
A Torrent Search Engine Searcher
Music Website of the Day:
Do you know your 90s dance music trivia?
Most Interesting Blog of the Day:
About Steve Kubby
Tool Story of the Day:
Torpark Browsing Anonymity Tool
Side Note of the Day:

Thanks for reading the feedscott blog. I started feedscott after resigning from my position at pc club computers in mid december 2005. I did this blog partly to fill some time and to force myself to keep up to date on current events and new trends. I have changed the format a few times but have mostly posted links to other websites, blogs, tech news, and such. Why should i retype what somebody already did. I have created a habit for myself of posting cool links everyday. 52 posts, about 300 links, and over 1000 unique visitors so far.

Due to the fact I am now becoming more serious about my job hunt, I am once again going to change the format of the feedscott blog here. I am thinking about a more conventional format with a paragraph or two about a current tech tip, event, or something tech related. I have also launched and implemented a mamba front end on it. is also going to change as I try to get wordpress running on The view tank blog is now live and deals with hot topics regarding pretty much anything that happens to be on my mind.

Again, thanks for visiting the feedscott blog and come back again soon.


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