Saturday, January 07, 2006

Simple way to defend your XP computer

Instructions to defend your Windows XP computer on the net, by setting limited permissions to limit malicious activities on a Windows XP computer.

Most people run as an administrator on their Windows XP computers by default. It is like running as a root admin on a Linux computer.

To prevent some spy ware and other malicious activities from occurring while on the internet set up a limited user account for safer surfing.

Of course, this is not a substitute for firewall, virus or spy ware protection, but just another line of defense. Follow these instructions below:

1. Click on Start > Settings> Control Panel
2. In Control Panel click on User Accounts
3. Under Pick a task click on “create new account”
4. Type in a name for the new account like “Surf Safe” click next
5. In the next window choose “limited” not administrator
6. Then click “create account”
7. Your finished

You can add a password to the new account if you need to.

I hope this helps you.

If you have questions please leave a comment.


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