Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bill Gates Lusted After Palm

Are Bill Gates and Microsoft mellowing with age? He seems to be more device and hardware friendly than software focused as his comments and alliances suggest. At CES this is what Bill had to say about Palm:

"As we move from that low penetration up to getting all of those users, there's a lot of devices to be sold, there's a lot of network capacity to be used to allow people to work in a very seamless way. Of course, we've been in doing software for mobile devices and PDAs for quite some time. In fact, many years of that, we had a very good competition between ourselves, and Palm and others. Palm always did great work, and so we lusted after some of those things that they do well, and wanted to combine them with the things that we did well ( like monopolizing), and so it's wonderful to see that coming together. "

Is Gates moving from a search, destroy, or assimilate strategy to a "all your base are already belong to us" strategy?


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