Thursday, January 05, 2006

Run windows update now for XP and 2000 now!


"As we've told you in the past two editions of Security Now! there's a very serious security flaw in all versions of Windows. This hole takes advantage of poor design choice in the Windows metafile interpreter and can be exploited by a malicious web site or by email attachments.

There are hundreds of malicious sites out there right now that take advantage of this vulnerability. Microsoft pushed a fix for Windows XP and 2000 today - so run Windows update. There is no fix yet for Windows 95/98/Me but Steve has committed to writing one if it appears to be necessary.

In this episode we talk about the vulnerability and interview the creator of the first patch for it, Ilfak Guilanov. According to Steve's analysis, Microsoft is using Ilfak's technique in its own patch."


At Fri Mar 05, 01:08:00 PM PST, Anonymous Devin Frost said...

I waited for a while to run this particular update while they worked the bugs out of it, but I'm glad I did cause it did have some bugs on it.

Take care,

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