Tuesday, January 03, 2006

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Top Story of the Day:
Families pray for trapped miners
Top Tech Story of the Day:
Google PC to Hit Walmart?
Dry Humour Story of the Day:
Rowdy air passenger cast away on remote island
Website of the Day:
Buzzle.com Find other cool websites!
Music Website of the Day:
Big Head Todd and the Monsters BHTM
Most Interesting Blog of the Day:
Micro Persuasion Steve Rubel
IPOD Story of the Day:
'EyeBud' for the iPod Video
Side Note of the Day:
The History of RSS

Here is the history of RSS according to Dave Winer
(key developer of most of the RSS formats):

  • Dec. 1997 - Dave Winer developed scriptingNews
  • Mar. 1999 - RSS 0.90 was developed by Netscape, which supported the scriptingNews format. This was simply XML with a RDF Header
  • Jun. 1999 - scriptingNews 2.0b1 was developed by Dave Winer at UserLand. This included Netscape's RSS 0.90 features
  • Jul. 1999 - RSS 0.91 was an attempt by Netscape to move towards a more standard format and included most features from scriptingNews 2.0b1 but they removed the RDF header
  • Jul. 1999 - UserLand uses RSS 0.91 and gets rid of scriptingNews
  • Netscape discontinues their RSS development
  • Jun. 2000 - Official RSS 0.91 specification release from UserLand
  • Aug. 2000 - RSS 1.0 developed by a group lead by Rael Dornfest at O'Reilly. This format uses RDF and namespaces. Because of its name it is often confused as being a new version of 0.91, but this is a completely new format with no ties to RSS 0.91
  • Dec. 2000 - RSS 0.92 developed by Dave Winer at UserLand and includes optional elements
  • Sep. 2002 - RSS 2.0 is designed by Dave Winer after leaving Userland
  • Jul. 2003 - RSS 2.0 specification released through Harvard under a Creative Commons license


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