Saturday, January 07, 2006

Digg Facts, Stats and Trivia:

Digg Facts, Stats and Trivia:

13,710 diggs have reached the front page from 6442 users.
Digg has well over 100,000 registered users
25 Diggs was the lowest I found to be able to reach the front page.
This story was about Google opens new R&D center in Shibuya, Tokyo
25 Diggs was 394 days ago. Not sure what the break point is now.

Top User is Albertpacino.
Al has 780 stories that have made the front page.

Trivia from a wiki:

On October 15, 2005, reached 100,000 stories submitted.
Near the end of November 2005, broke the 100,000 registered users barrier.
On December 4th, 2005, a story about an abusive New York camera store called Price Rite Photo was submitted by blogger and Digg member Thomas Hawk. The story received a little over 8000 diggs (5000 of which occurred in the first 24 hours of submission) and had a little over 1000 comments, breaking the record for the most diggs and comments a story had ever received on Flooded with spam and prank calls, the camera store apologized to Mr. Hawk.

The New York camera story now has 8493 Diggs.


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