Thursday, December 29, 2005

Google Calender Buzz / Hype

Most Interesting Top Tech Story of the Day:

Poll: Google the best of the Web

Ok, I looked at over 20 posts and know there are about 161,000 for a rumour that google was going to release an online calender on the 6th of December 2005 at a Web 2.0 conference. Well, nothing happened. I think when the release happens, this will be a Big step for humanity and another nail for MS Office.

Least understood media jargon:
1. Flashmobbing 9%
2. Podcasting 12%
3. Metrosexual 22%
4. Blogging 28%
5. Dogging 39%
6. Chav 49%
7. Happy Slapping 56%
8. Broadband 88%


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