Friday, December 16, 2005

To Blog or Not To Blog

Greetings and salutes! My name is Scott and this year I was able to partially understood Blogs. I guess the Web is coming full circle. I understand that originally the Web was a BBS or Bulletin Board System. So, now the Web is coming back to its roots, but on a exponential scale.

On March 19th 2005, Hugh Hewitt was in Colorado for a radio broadcast and book signing for his new book BLOG. Here is a pic of Me and Hugh , but no dog named scoobe doo. That's me in front looking way under slept or something.

Hugh is back on the right with the cans on. OBTW Hugh is very nice and down to earth in person. I attended the event as a Regional Sponsor for PC Club to teach other attendees how to Blog on PC Club Notebooks. This was very ironic since I had only posted one Blog prior and had never updated it. I promise to try and update this Blog at least once a day. Anyway the event was very enlightening as I was able to meet some interesting professional Bloggers.

Here is a Picture of Nels (The manager of the Denver PC CLUB) and I.

Next update will include some recent discoveries about Podcasting, VLOG's, VOD and more.


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