Sunday, December 18, 2005

POD Casting meets the Masses

As was promised here is my update on the:

Fri, October 21st w3w3 & TiE Rockies -Blogging Party(Denver & Internet)

Had no idea what to expect when showing up at this event. W3W3 hosted this party and it was a party. Larry Nelson and his wife Pat from W3W3 were great hosts. There were many presentations on Blogging, Podcasting and Video Blogging.

Scott Converse, Founder & CEO of was onhand to debut this new web site. If you want to make or upload a podcast this is a site to check out. Also, I uploaded an unfinished Bone Circus Song called Riding to Babylon from the mid 90's so do a search for it or follow this link:

Have to run, the holidays have me on the move.

Be your Best!


At Thu Dec 29, 11:27:00 PM PST, Blogger Scott Converse said...

Most cool! thanks for the mention! Also, very good song you posted up on ClickCaster.... Dark.. brooding..well named. That's not just you playing all the music is it? If so, even more impressive.


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