Saturday, December 17, 2005

Tech Week in Colorado

Great news I was already saving money on car insurance. I ride a bike! jk!

I am 1 for 1 on days in a row for the Blog update. Ok, so I'm a little behind on the events I'm blogging about, but I will get up to date soon.

Colorado Tech Week, October 17-21, 2005, was an amazing week in Colorado. I was out promoting PC CLUB and really gained some valuable knowledge and met some movers and shakers in the tech field. Nels (the Manager of the Denver PC CLUB) and I were out canvasing as many Tech Week events as we could. We made it to three of the events :

Tue, October 18th
Colo. Science Forum @ Museum of Nature & Science (Denver)

Wed, October 19th South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce -
Prac-Tech-Con Practical Technology conference for Business Owners and Managers

Fri, October 21st
w3w3 & TiE Rockies -Blogging Party(Denver & Internet)

The Science forum was a buy in luncheon, so Nels and I showed up as it was ending to pass out some PC CLUB literature. Alot of Doctors and Teachers here.

At the Prac-Tech conference, Qwest and some of their partners went over the power of now and future telcom innovations. One of the main topics was VOIP or Voice Over Interet People or Protocol. When utilizing VOIP phone messages can be sent directly to email. " I love this idea!"

There is more to come on the the Blobbing Party at W3W3 next time. This will include promised updates on Podcasting ,VOD, and VLOG.


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