Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Has Google Secretly Launched an ISP?

Tonight on 1/10/2006 as I was checking my web stats I came across a hit with GOOGLE listed as the ISP. The IP Address 64.233.172. # (GOOGLE) and the City was Mountain View with the State listed as California and Google does have offices there. I can only find rumors on the net of a Google ISP and wonder if this is just from a google internal network or a spoof. I am submitting to Digg.com for review.

Here is the link to the site meter page picture on Flickr: Google Hit

After submitting to Digg for review, some of the comments included that this hit might have been a google adsense proxy server which would make sense. Also, another person stated that google is already an ISP offering WiFi service in some places. Here are some links to Google Rumored ISP Info:

What’s Next For Google - ISP, Browser, Desktop Search?

What’s next for Google! 5 things that comes to my mind…

Google ISP: Speculation Mania

Google ISP Rumor

GoogleNet Is Coming…


At Tue Jan 10, 04:24:00 AM PST, Blogger Gerald Cortez said...

if you are using Google's Web Accelerator, then your connection will pass by Google's Proxy servers, therefore identifying your ISP as Google.


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