Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Tammy Cell Phone Video Craze Will Not Die

It has been a little over two weeks since the Tammy NYP home made movie scandal rocked Technorati and the Blogosphere. But, the onslaught of searches for Tammy's underage escapades has decreased very little since stabilizing and remains seemingly constant. Curiosity driven searchers are still wild about Tammy. Technorati filtered any Tammy NYP related blogs into the splog bucket and washed their hands of Tammy. But, Tammy lives. Scott Converse the CEO of Click Caster told feedscott that fortunately or unfortunately porn drives a lot of the technical innovation. Well, it also drives internet traffic to. No surprise here, sex sells right?

Proof: here comes the Bukit Batok Video from Singapore.

See these posts which continue to get about 25 hits a day:

Technorati taken over by Tammy NYP

"Tammy nyp" The video worth a thousand blogs

Can't keep a good tammy tami tammi tamy down

New Computer Virus Identified - Tammy related?

Are you a vurf?

Are you 1 of these 10 types of people in the world?

The Neo-BlogTree is Growing. Visit Capitol Region People for an update.

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At Wed Mar 15, 04:05:00 AM PST, Anonymous Inquisitor said...

"Curiosity driven searchers are still wild about Tammy."

Deprived of social significance themselves, these, and thus defined, 'searchers' are driven to be wild about anything that is given prominence so that they may live the significant life vicariously.



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